Applus+ materials testing laboratories in Bremen (Applus+ BKW) and Illescas, Spain, have supported Teijin on the road to qualification since 2018

Applus+ provided a comprehensive bundle of tests, including: tensile, open and filled hole compression, compression after impact, bearing, in-plane shear, inter-laminar shear strength and dynamic mechanical analysis.

“We are very proud of our contribution to this important milestone for Teijin”, stated Mr. Michele Collevecchio, Head of Composites Testing at ApplusBKW in Germany. “Our extensive knowledge of Airbus material qualification processes has enabled us to run this program very efficiently for our customer, Teijin.”

As well as carrying out the testing activities for Teijin, Applus+ has also manufactured the composite laminates in multiple configurations. Mrs. Elena O’Mullony, Director of Applus+ Composites Laboratory in Spain highlights: “Manufacturing the composite laminates according to Teijin’s specifications was an exciting challenge. Various lay-up configurations of different Tenax® Dry Reinforcement carbon fiber materials were required.”

Going forward, Teijin and Applus+ will continue their collaboration as partners for release testing under their existing master services agreement.

More information about Teijin’s Tenax® Dry Reinforcements (DR) qualification

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