Welds and welding products need to be failsafe. Consequently, end clients normally demand that as many quality assurance measures are taken as possible. For this, various tests are required to validate not only the welds themselves but the very processes and equipment used to evaluate their quality. Such tests must be conducted by a reputable third party, and in some cases additional approval tests are required, to be performed by an independent authorized inspection agency. (Technical Inspection Organisation).

All of this complicates the logistics, creating extra scheduling work and longer lead times.

The All-in-One Applus+ Solution

Choose Applus+ and benefit from the fixed-price package deal with all the services you need.

With Applus+ as your one-stop shop, you will reduce interfaces, enjoy full cost transparency and benefit from reliable delivery times — guaranteed within 15 working days, or within 7 if you opt for the express package.


Specialist Qualification of Welds and Welding Procedures 

We specialize in welding quality assurance and can perform every destructive and non-destructive test required, including Immersion Ultrasonic Testing  (IUT) – the most accurate way to ensure girth welds have no physical flaws before being deployed in the field. For extra proof of the validity of our results, our findings can be approved by an independent TIO– the whole process handled by us from start to finish.

While the package can be shaped around your specific needs, all of our packages include the following as standard:

  • Non-destructive testing (VT-MP/PT-UT/RT) 
  • 2 tensile tests 
  • 4 bend tests 
  • 2 sets of notched bar impact tests 
  • 1 macrosection 
  • 1 hardness test 
  • Accompanying documentation 
  • TIO acceptance (if necessary) 
  • Material collection at your company (optional)

You can choose your package depending on the material, welding parameters or specific norms/standards. The types of welds we test include: 

  • Plate s < 30mm 
  • Plate s > 30mm 
  • Tube s < 30mm 
  • Tube s > 30mm 
  • T-joint fillet  
  • T-joint full 

To help build your clients’ confidence in your business more, we can also certify your staff and management systems.

At Your Side Throughout

Thanks to our network of locations, you will always have a dedicated person available somewhere close to you. Should you need support selecting suitable test methods and relevant test standards, we will be happy to advise. We can also help with training for your employees if desired. From start to finish, we’re there to help.

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