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Composite materials, in particular carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), have been used for a long time in the aerospace and automobile industries due to their good mechanical properties combined with minimal weight.

However, the requirements for testing and certification of these materials are more extensive than in the case of metallic materials. Due to the anisotropy of the material the materials testing of composite components required increased technical expertise and special testing equipment.

Our direct cooperation with Airbus in the development of lightweight materials, used e.g. in the A380 and A350XWB, is made possible by state of the art laboratory equipment and qualified personnel. For special testing methods we are the only materials testing laboratory in the world authorized by Airbus.

Along with the official Airbus qualifications for 63 testing methods, including 12 Category 1 procedures, we have accreditation for aerospace in accordance with NADCAP.

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Testing methods (static)

  • Plain, Open and Filled Hole tensile and compressive tests
  • E module determination (tensile, compressive and flexural modulus)
  • Bearing stress tests for fasteners
  • Determination of tensile shear strength (Single Slotted Lap Shear Test SSLS)‏
  • Flexural test on sandwich structures.
  • Determination of interlaminar shear strength (ILSS)
  • Determination of Mode I and Mode II of fracture toughness energy (GIc- and GIIc-Test)‏ and Mixed-Mode
  • Pull Through Test
  • Curved Beam Failure Load (Inter-Laminar Tensile Strength: ILTS)‏
  • All testing can be performed at temperatures between -70° to +180°C

Fatigue tests

  • ILTS Fatigue (Curved beam bending)
  • Mode I – Interlaminar fracture toughness (GIc-Test)‏ fatigue.
  • Fatigue testing combined with non-destructive tests in order to monitor the growth of defects
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